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As an ordinary PC, it is a convenient streaming video stick

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4K video support; 5 USB ports; HDMI 2.0 ports; infrared remote control is very suitable for upgrading memory

Azulle is a small PC vendor, most famous for access + and byte +. This time, let's take a look at its latest model, byte3. The handheld has the internal structure of a tablet, but it's still powerful enough to run Windows 10 professional. It has enough memory and storage space, can easily complete multimedia tasks, can work in the phone booth, can also be used as grandma's email and pinterest machine. Mini computers like Amazon's byte3 have been around for a long time, usually with tablet components at the low end or laptop components at the high end, like Intel's "skull Valley" NUC. Despite its low price, byte3's hardware payload is pretty good: it shakes up a four core "Apollo Lake" cellular processor, which, according to Intel, can play 4K videos. (we'll discuss it further in the performance section) this is an upgraded version of the "Cherry trail" atomic processor previously used by azulle, and the power consumption has increased from 2 watts to 4 watts. It's still a very low power CPU, but it's a big leap from the previous generation.

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