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Mini desktop computer review: small computer of large screen TV

Number of hits :14522018-08-01 11:48:03 source: QUTHC Limited (Huizhou) Co., Ltd

The mini desktop (for $239) is a small mini computer that allows you to put your desktop in places you might not expect, such as your home theater settings. This is a fanless, silent design of the windows computer, it is very suitable for streaming video and online browsing, and your TV is the monitor. Intel's Apollo Celeron processor has powerful built-in processing power. Although the system is small, there is still room for growth as users upgrade. If you want to get the best mini computers for media centers, byte3 is a powerful and affordable option. Byte3 is a compact desktop computer with the same design style as Intel NUC, which is a desktop computer embedded in a small square chassis. The mini computer weighs less than 14 ounces and measures 5.6 "x 4" x 1.5 ", with a small Wi Fi antenna in the back. Similar in some ways to the m710q tiny, the Lenovo smart center, it uses a compact square chassis and external Wi Fi antennas to improve wireless performance. But internally, it's more like the Zotac Zbox Pico pi225, with an Intel Celeron processor and fanless design, using passive cooling to keep operations quiet.

There is a power button in the front of the chassis, which will emit blue light when the machine is turned on. There is also a shiny blue stripe, which adds some fashion style to the basic black (or near black) machine. But if you look closely, you'll also see a small infrared sensor in the lower left corner. Azulle comes with a remote control for the byte3, which makes it easy to use the small system as a home entertainment computer without having to stand up from the sofa or use a bulky wireless keyboard and mouse. The bundled remote control looks like a smart TV remote control, providing convenient power and volume control, with special buttons for entering and browsing menus. It's not enough for all your computer interaction, but it does give you enough input to browse Netflix without a keyboard or mouse.

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