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Small, quiet and cheap, fanless azulle access 4 Mini PC is the opposite of general desktop, but it is suitable for video streaming or the most basic window access on old monitor or TV.

PROSA full Windows PC on the cheapfan less design runs smoothly. 4K video port selection includes USB type cmicrosd slot for storage expansion. It is only used for very basic tasks. It feels sluggish in daily life.  is an internal storage / storage / socket connection for non interstellar terminals.

Used for the back of TV or spare monitor. Its main charm lies in its tiny footprint and quiet operation, rather than anything close to mainstream performance. Ordinary windows need patience, but access 4 has enough power to smoothly transmit 4K video. The device is mainly used for commercial use of kiosks or digital signs. It can also be used as a simple and cheap way for home users to add intelligent Internet to old TVs or displays. Built in with an updated Intel Celeron processor and an external USB type-C interface, this latest model is slightly better than last year's azulle access 3, but its performance is still the same as that of a low-cost PC made for specific tasks rather than general purposes.

An upgraded suitcase, the same warehouse

Access 4 is the same as access 3, which has a more updated and faster Celeron chip. The basic configuration is from a mere 2GB of memory and 32GB of EMMC flash memory to a better but still moderate 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage space. You can also choose to install windows 10 pro or Linux( The $249.99 basic model has the same hardware as the $269.99 windows 10 based tester, except that it uses Linux.)

Azulle Access4 overhead view

Although you can choose the operating system, it is a size for the internal components of the system. Celeron j4125 is the only CPU on the market. Even if you are willing to pay, you can't get more than 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage space. With windows 10 pre installed, the 64GB flash memory of our test system has only 37.5gb free space, and there is almost no space to store photos or video library.

Azulle Access4 and box

About a year ago, Celeron j4125 was released two years later than Celeron j4105 in access 3. However, the two chips are very similar. Both are thread free, based on the 14nm process of four core CPU. Celeron j4125 has a slight advantage in processing speed. Its running speed is 2 GHz. Compared with its predecessor's 1.5 GHz fundamental frequency, it can achieve a burst frequency of 2.7 GHz, while the maximum burst frequency of the old chip is 2.5 GHz. Even if a new chip is used, the accessor will feel sluggish when trying to browse the window. Latency is everywhere, from opening menus to switching applications. The simplest tasks require patience, and it's best to avoid multitasking.

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