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Well designed (if not particularly powerful) micro PCs, azulle's affordable byte4 offers amazing connectivity and upgrade potential, as well as the ability to stream video silently.

Cheap full Windows PC
No fan design, silent operation
Smooth play 4K video
Amazing variety of ports
Easy to expand ram and storage
Configuration of insufficient power
The plastic case lacks polish

Azulle byte4 ($224.99), a new competitor in the desktop Mini PC field, is a slightly larger version of azulle access4 that we reviewed in September 2020. Byte4 provides the same portfolio of components - Intel Celeron CPU, 4GB ram and 64GB EMMC storage, and the functions are similar. Neither machine is suitable for any device used by regular windows, but it can be used as a streaming device or a way to add an Internet connection to an old TV or monitor. You need to find more space behind the monitor or in the home theater cabinet to accommodate the square byte4 and access4, which are closer to the size of the Mac Mini. Compared with Mars Bar, its advantage is that the larger chassis can provide more port options and the ability to expand memory and storage. Like access4, byte4 is fanless and runs in a quiet state, which adds a humble appearance to your living room or study, or supplies power to digital display signs in enterprises or stores.
Less memory and storage space, but scalable

Azulle website lists only one configuration of byte4: Intel "Gemini Lake" Celeron j4125 processor, 4GB memory and 64GB EMMC flash memory. The company explained that this could reduce the price of the system - the price of a Windows 10 Pro license is $25, and if the machine sells more RAM or storage space, the cost would increase to $150. So far, the total cost of the mini desktop is $224.99, just $75 more than the full windows 10 Pro license. In addition, you can easily expand byte4's memory and storage, and azulle will even sell you additional ram or a second SSD.

At the bottom of the system, four rubber feet can be used as thumbscrews. Remove them and the two small screws on the back panel, and then you can remove the bottom panel. Internally, you'll find two SO-DIMM slots (for laptop style memory), one of which is occupied by a 4GB module. Intel said the Celeron j4125 supports up to 8GB of ram, but azulle said the system will run at 16GB. (I didn't use more than 4GB system to test the system, but I don't think 16GB RAM will suddenly turn this Celeron PC into a power machine.)


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