Service process Test report
performance testing

performance testing time:2021-02-02 11:37:14

This test report is a performance test report, which aims to summarize the test in the test phase, analyze the test results and describe whether it meets the requirements

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functional testing

functional testing time:2021-02-02 11:34:06

I believe that through this report, we will have an overall understanding of the whole performance test and know what we need to do in the future performance test.

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Aging test

Aging test time:2021-02-02 11:14:18

The stability of the product can be verified by high load operation aging test at room temperature and low temperature. Even in the outdoor high temperature or low temperature environment, the product can still work orderly to meet the advertising and dem

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MTBF test report

MTBF test report time:2021-02-02 10:31:21

All of our products have been tested for 29145 hours, which is equivalent to working eight hours a day. After working for ten years, we can still operate normally, so our products are very reliable! The following are some pictures of our tests. Under t

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